Essex MP: Scrap Fuel Price Hikes

The Government should axe a planned fuel tax hike to boost economic recovery, Harlow's MP told MPs.

Tory Robert Halfon demanded ministers scrap the proposed rise and help families struggling to fill their petrol tanks.

Opening a Commons debate on fuel prices, he said: "Fuel duty is not just about economics, it's an issue of social justice and this is especially true in rural communities which are being destroyed by fuel prices.

"There is a strong case for cutting fuel taxes - financial, economic and social - and that's why we are urging the Government to scrap the planned 4p fuel duty increases which are scheduled for January and August 2012."

He also called on ministers to launch a fuel price stabiliser to ease variations in price so taxes go up as the price of fuel falls and are cut as the price of oil rises.

He said the effect should mean more consistent pricing with fewer peaks.

Mr Halfon was speaking in a debate triggered after an e-petition on a Government-backed website attracted 100,000 signatures.

The Harlow MP was watched by former Top Gear presenter and Fair Fuel UK campaigner Quentin Willson, who sat in the Commons' under gallery.