Essex: New Show For TV Star Teacher

A teacher who appeared on the show "Educating Essex" has landed his own TV series.

Stephen Drew found fame in Channel 4's fly-on-the-wall series Educating Essex as deputy head of Passmores Academy in Harlow, although he is now head of Brentwood County High School.

He will now feature in a six-part series, with a working title All Back to School, in which he will help to turn around the lives of young people with problems.

Drew was seen as a tough disciplinarian in the series, turning around unruly children, but was also respected and loved by the children he taught.

In the new Channel 4 programme he will work with children aged between nine and 12, many on the brink of permanent exclusion, at a residential summer school.

He will work with a team of specialists to get the best from the youngsters but parents will also be in the school to witness the troublesome behaviour and have their own parenting skills examined.

Katie Boyd, who commissioned the series for the station, said: "He is one of the most inspirational and generous-minded teachers in Britain, with an incredible track record. If anyone can turnaround families at rock bottom, he can.''