Essex: Police Appeal For Woman Attacked In Corfu

Essex police say they are trying to get in touch with a young woman after they were given a video of her being sexually assaulted while on holiday in Corfu.

The attack happened on a bed in a hotel in Kavos during the early hours of Monday July 30th.

Senior Investigating Officer, DI Hayley King, said: "We don't know when the young woman returned to the UK or which airport she flew back into.

"We strongly believe that she is from the UK.

"The offence took place in a hotel room. We don't though know which hotel it is in Kavos, and there are many."

In a bid to help the young girl identify herself, police have revealed that she wore a number of coloured wristbands which she obtained from local clubs.

Anyone with information in connection with this sexual assault investigation is urged to contact Essex Police's Sexual Offences Investigation Team in Brentwood on 01279 625428 or email