Essex Police Pup Gets A Blog

25 March 2011, 11:00 | Updated: 25 March 2011, 11:56

The progress of a young puppy is being detailed in an online blog as she prepares to become an Essex Police dog.

Flo was one of nine German Shepherd puppies born back in January to mum Freya - another Essex Police dog.

All the pups have been given names beginning with the letter 'F'.

Flo and some of the other pups have been paired with puppy walkers who will care for them until January 2012.

They will then begin training to become fully fledged police dogs.

Julie Boxer, who has two dogs of her own, has been looking after Flo at her home in Billericay since early March and will keep everyone posted with stories and photos showing what rookie Flo gets up to in the months ahead.