Digital Switchover In North Essex

20 July 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 20 July 2011, 10:47

North Essex goes fully digital today (Wednesday 20 July) so if you've not prepared for the switchover, you may be without TV channels on your telly.

The Sudbury transmitter's switched over, meaning you'll need a digital box to keep getting all the channels you have done up until now.

In addition the Chelmsford Channel 5 analogue transmitter is also being switched off today.

Here is what you need to do if you haven't got yourself digital-ready.

  • If you currently have something like Sky or Virgin Media, chances are you won't have to do much and the switchover will have passed without you even realising.  
  • However if you you don't, you may now need to invest in a digi-box.  If you've already got one, or it's built into you TV, you'll probably have to re-tune your television.
  • If you have a spare TV it will also need it's own digital box - you'll need one per set unless the TV comes with digital TV built in - which is known as Freeview.
  • If you run if off an aerial socket then it should be okay if you plug the aerial lead into the digital box and wire that into the TV following your instruction manual.
  • You'll know you need to re-tune your digital box or TV if you're not receiving channels like ITV and Channel 4.

Earlier this month the BBC2 feed disappeared.

The remaining parts of the county will switch in April 2012 when the London TV region changes from analogue to digital.

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