Essex: Scientist's Get Their Game On

16 March 2014, 06:48 | Updated: 16 March 2014, 06:50

Children will soon be learning more about Alzheimer's through a game designed by Essex Scientists.

The idea of 'Cascade' is to raise awareness amongst young people by making it fun.

The scientists joined forces with a leading gaming designer to create the novel new game, which is exciting, yet informative about research into combating Alzheimer's Disease.

Cascade sends players into a dramatic last stand against the deadly assault of Alzheimer's Disease on the human brain.

Players must try to preserve the mind against a never-ending onslaught before all memory is lost forever.

The game has been in development since 2012 and has been developed in collaboration with Dr Jody Mason, a senior lecturer in biochemistry at Essex who is researching into Alzheimer's Disease and independent game development studio Fayju.

The game was awarded the UK Game of the Show at last year's Gamescom and is supported by a People Award from the Wellcome Trust.

It will be officially launched 14th June.