Essex teenager hopes to raise £1m for charity

Two years ago, Laura Green helped to raise more than £20k for the children's cancer charity, Clic Sargent.

The Essex teenager helped raise the money from a single posted online, after a classmate at Mayflower Primary School in Harwich died from cancer.

Declan Heath was just 10 years old when he died from cancer and each year the school held a concert in memory of him.

In 2008, James Martin (a teacher at the school) heard the song 'Rocket Girl' by the Wire Daisies and got Laura onboard to sing the vocals.

A video was put on YouTube with people paying a £1 to download with the hope of raising a few hundred pounds for the charity, Clic Sargent who helped Declan and his family. Instead, it was downloaded more than 20,000 times.

Two years on, and after the studio teamed her up with an 18 year old singer called Hannah Kennedy, Laura Green's now released an album, self-titled 'KennedyGreen', hoping to raise £1m for the charity this year.

It's out now and can be bought from places including HMV and iTunes.