Essex: TOWIE's Amy Launches Perfume

TV star Amy Childs showed off her debut perfume today - and reckoned it would be perfect for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Childs, who found fame on The Only Way Is Essex, wore a strapless purple sequinned dress to launch the fragrance and said she was planning to send a bottle to Victoria Beckham.

The 22-year-old reckoned the toil involved in creating the perfume was not to be sniffed at.

"It was a lot of hard work getting the right fragrance - and loads of meetings,'' Childs said.

"I love perfume anyway so it was obviously hard work. I'm really pleased with the smell."

Childs, from Brentwood, said the stars would not turn their noses up at her efforts.

"I'd love every celebrity to wear my perfume, because I know that they'd absolutely love it. Victoria Beckham definitely needs to wear my perfume. I'm going to definitely send her a bottle.

"Kate Middleton as well, I think she'd like it. She's glam."

The fragrance is called Amy Childs. Childs said she had been urged to launch her own fragrance. "It was loads of people saying Amy bring out your own perfume. I love smelling good and everyone was saying bring out your own perfume so I did," she said.