Family Pay Tribute To Murder Victim

Tributes are being paid to father of three, Roy Sly, who was found dead in a flat in Westcliff.

Roy was a divorced father of three. He has been described as loving music, particularly rock and roll and was an Elvis fan, having been a Teddy Boy in his youth. He is also described as very kind and had a brilliant sense of humour, and could take a joke as well as tell them.

Tribute from Roy's sister Barbara and brother Bob Sly:

"Roy was a loving brother who cared about his family. His life was cut short, he was taken away from us all too soon. He had a heart of gold and would have helped anyone.

"His love for his 92-year-old mother was unquestionable and he helped look after her, providing meals and sharing the care of her through the night. Every time we see her she asks why he has not been to see her, it breaks our heart.

"As children we used to go out for the day with our sandwiches and have fond memories of playing in Southchurch Park. Bob said: "We would climb trees, play fight, go eel fishing and play football. However I did get into trouble as being older than Roy I should have known better than to let his new football kit get covered in mud. As we got old we used to go for a pint and a game of pool or darts.

"We have so many memories in our hearts that will keep Roy alive and with us forever. We will miss him deeply. Rest now dear brother, may you sleep in peace."

Other family members remember how Roy looked after them when they were children, cooking them dinner, buying sweets and teaching them how to draw. He loved fishing and would take them with him, no matter what the weather was like, rain, sun, wind or snow. Another niece remembers how Roy would laugh at her when she slid down a slide and the static caused her hair to stand on end.

Roy was found dead in a flat in Westcliff on January 10.