Fire Tears Through Westcliff House

3 January 2015, 09:46 | Updated: 3 January 2015, 10:30

Firefighters have put out a fire in a three storey detached house, on Kings Road in Westcliff.

It broke out around 5:30am.

On arrival crews were faced with a well developed fire burning fiercely inside the property.

Initially crews reported that the house was 30% alight and completely smoke logged. The fire had spread to 50% of the house by 06:25hrs and the incident commander reported that 70% of the house was alight at 06:57hrs.

Using six main jets, the aerial ladder platform and one hose reel jet firefighters had brought the fire under control by 07:11hrs.

As of 08:30hrs firefighters continue working to extinguish the blaze.

Assistant Divisional Officer Mark Turnbull said: "There had been reports of an explosion prior to our arrival and the first crews on the scene found an already well developed fire with multiple seats on all three floors of the house. When we first got here there were flames coming out of the windows.

"Crews faced a difficult task getting on top of this fire and they have done an excellent job in bringing it under control. There was a real danger that this could spread to neighbouring homes but crews hard work and professionalism has contained the fire to the house where it started and prevented it spreading.

"The house has suffered extensive damage, the roof has now entirely collapsed. We have the fire under control and we're now working to extinguish the blaze."

Update 09:30hrs: Firefighting operations are continuing. The house has suffered extensive damage and the roof has collapsed. Structural engineers have been called to asses the extent of the damage.

Update: The fire was extinguished by 09:48hrs. Crews used eight main jets, three hose reel jets, one ground monitor and the aerial ladder platform. A two pump, one ALP relief remains at the scene as crews continue to work to ensure no hot-spots remain. Firefighters are also awaiting the arrival of structural engineers to assess the property before it is safe to enter and carry out a full search.

An investigation will take place to establish the cause of the fire.