Harlow: MP Praises Chancellor

The Tory Essex MP who lead the fight against a planned 3p rise in fuel duty has thanked the Chancellor for backing "white van Conservatives".

Robert Halfon, who was a vocal critic of the planned rise ahead of a Commons debate on the issue last month, praised George Osborne's move to scrap the January tax increase.

During the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor said he was not merely postponing the 3p rise to April but scrapping it altogether.

During questions on the statement, Harlow MP Mr Halfon said: "Can I thank you on behalf of my colleagues and Fair Fuel UK for putting the fuel back into the tank of white van Conservatives across the country.

"Can you confirm the scrapping of the 3p petrol rise, not just for three months but permanently, will mean the average Harlow resident is better off by £80 to £100 next year?"

Mr Osborne replied: "I congratulate you for speaking for motorists and families across the country against Labour's fuel tax rises.

"You speak for Harlow man and woman and I'm glad, as a result of your campaigning and difficult decisions we have taken elsewhere to control public spending, we have been able to cancel altogether that fuel duty rise due for January."