Harlow: Postbox Turned Gold For Laura

6 August 2012, 13:14

There has been some confusion over where a postbox should be painted gold to honour medal winning cyclist Laura Trott.

Royal Mail have been honouring all of Team GB's Gold medal winners by turning a red postbox in their hometown gold. 

They have already painted one on Stone Cross in Harlow, as this is listed on the teams website as her hometown.

However, as Laura grew up and trained in Cheshunt she's asked for one there to be decorated too.

Beth Longcroft, Royal Mail spokesperson, said: 'We're thrilled that athletes and the public have taken both our Gold Medal stamps and the gold post boxes to their hearts. 

'We're sure that people in Harlow will share our pride in honouring Laura's birthplace with a gold post box. 

'We were happy to paint another box for Laura in Cheshunt, where she now lives.'

To celebrate the win, Royal Mail also produced special gold medal stamps on Saturday.

All the postboxes that are painted gold to celebrate the wins will be turned back to their traditional red again in the future.