NORTH ESSEX: Historic Coins 'Missing'

2 December 2011, 11:08 | Updated: 5 December 2011, 15:50

A hoard of historic coins found in Essex worth an estimated £70,000 has disappeared from a metal detecting site, police said.

About 200 coins dating back to Victorian and Edwardian times were found during a metal detecting event at a site in Twinstead near Sudbury, Essex, on Sunday.

The coins are valued at about £350 each.

The sovereigns are believed to have lain undiscovered for more than 90 years.

But following a dig on Sunday, only two coins have been handed in.

The whole area is believed to have been cleared of sovereigns.

Pc Andy Long, Essex Police's heritage crime officer, said: "All the coins found on the site are protected by the Treasure Act.

"They are treasure trove and have to be declared to the county coroner.

"We would urge anyone who has taken any of the coins or knows of their whereabouts to contact me immediately.''

Update - Saturday 3rd December:

Since the metal detecting activity on Sunday, people from Colchester, Navestock and Brentwood have handed in a number of the sovereigns, but many coins are still missing.

Around 70 of them believed to be being held by one person.

Essex Police has said that nobody can be prosecuted if they hand the coins in within 14 days of finding them.