Kidnap phoney sentenced to jail

A Loughton man who falsely claimed he'd been kidnapped at knifepoint and dumped in Epping Forest as part of a hate campaign against Muslims has been sentenced to 2 years in jail.

36-year-old Noor Ramjanally from Valley Hill caused huge concern in the local community - he's thought to have fled the country.

Following his conviction Chief Superintendent Simon Williams said: "We may never know the true reasons behind Ramjanally’s claim that he was abducted."

"He has done a gross disservice to the local community in Loughton by suggesting that there were people willing to commit serious crimes against minority groups."

Ramjanally, was tried in his absence following his deliberate failure to attend Court.

Prosecuting lawyer from the Crown Prosecution Service Lorraine Irwin said: "This man purposely misled the authorities and wasted valuable police time and resources by reporting a false and serious crime."

"We are pleased that the jury has returned a guilty verdict and we want to thank them and all the witnesses for coming forward to assist the prosecution."