Local Football Team Strip For Charity

Former Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo's taken part in a naked calendar to help raise money for charity.

Luke Williamson - a footballer for the local Brentwood team Great Danes - got the celebrity involved along with some of his teammates.

Luke told Heart: "There are 22 of us but only 10 would do it. I think the others were a little too embarrassed and it was probably a bit cold for them"

Brian added: "It's for a great charity. The Essex Air Ambulance supports the county and if i'm ever ill on the road i may need them to help me one day.

A part of me was very embarrassed but once you got out there, it's the comradery, the banter of everyone, we were all having a bubble"

The calendar is on sale now and costs £10 - with £7 of that going to the Essex Air Ambulance.