No Payout For Sacked Dinner Lady

2 February 2011, 14:52 | Updated: 16 February 2011, 12:26

An Essex playground monitor has been told she won't receive any compensation after being sacked

62-year-old Carol Hill lost her job at Great Tey Primary in 2009 after telling parents their 7-year-old child had been bullied at the school.

The tribunal panel heard in November that the girl appeared to have been tied to a playing field fence by her wrist and then "whipped'' across the legs with a skipping rope by a number of boys.

School head, Deborah Crabb said four boys involved had explained that they were playing a game called "prisoners and guards''. She said the incident was not bullying but an "inappropriate game'' which went too far.

Last month, an employment tribunal found Great Tey Primary hadn't followed the correct procedures when sacking Mrs Hill.

Today (2 February), it's been ruled she would've lost her job for 'gross misconduct' if the correct procedures had been followed, so wasn't entitled to compensation.

Great Tey Primary's issued the following statement:

"Although Mrs Hill had herself decided she could no longer realistically seek reinstatement or redeployment, we are pleased that the Tribunal also concluded this would not be realistically practical.

"It has been an extremely difficult 18 months for the staff and governors at Great Tey Primary School and unsettling for the parents who choose to send their children there.

"This prolonged legal action by Mrs Hill has directed resources and attention away from what is really important and that is the education and development of the children.

"We now ask that the school and all those associated with it are allowed to put this case behind them and concentrate on delivering a first rate education to the local children.

"Mrs Crabb would like to thank everyone who has supported her and the school during this difficult period. The school will not be issuing any more statements and no interviews will be given."