Non Urgent Health Number Launches In Essex

29 October 2014, 06:00

A new single non-urgent medical number is now available in Essex to help us find the right place to go to or right person to speak to about health services.

With such a vast and complicated health and social care system, it's not always clear where you should go to find information, so the new independent Health Consumer Champion Healthwatch Essex has created a single number for residents to find out about health and care services.

The number is 0300 500 1895- a one-stop-shop for information about health and care services in your area.

What the service is...

  • A free, friendly and confidential services independent from the NHS and social care services
  • An information and signposting role, giving callers the contact details for a range of health and social care services, which can then be contacted by the caller
  • They can give information about choices where you might get help in relation to your health, social care and wellbeing needs
  • Put callers in touch with sources of information on NHS and social care services in Essex
  • They can give callers information about what to do when things have gone wrong and you are unsure how to make a complaint

What the service is not...

  • It's not supported by trained clinicians or health and care professionals. This means they cannot offer advice on medical matters - including medication, queries about a diagnosis or recommendations about a choice of a particular treatment pathway
  • Healthwatch Essex is not a part of the NHS or Essex County Council. Whilst they will use your feedback to improve services, they have no powers to investigate individual formal complaints about them
  • They cannot offer advice as to the 'best' place to go to receive a service or offer an opinion as which service you choose for treatment, care or further information
  • They are not an advocacy service and so cannot make a complaint to a service on your behalf. If you need help or support to formally complain about an NHS service then you should contact SEAP on 0300 34 35 736
  • They are not able to offer financial, legal or similar specialist advice
  • If you are troubled and urgently need someone to talk to, the Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Phone: 08457 909090,