Petrol Prices Debate Thanks To Harlow MP

15 November 2011, 06:00

The rising cost of filling up your car will be debated in Parliament today thanks to Harlow's MP.

Robert Halfon is calling for a study into petrol taxes as well as a cut in fuel duty.

The issue will be debated by MPs for three hours in Parliament today (Tuesday 15 November) after more than 105,000 people signed an e-petition which also involved FairFuelUK.

More than 100 MPs have now backed the motion for cheaper fuel.

Robert Halfon said: “We are facing a silent crisis as the cost of living is rocketing. Steadily, month by month, energy and petrol bills are crippling our economy.

“The case for cheaper petrol is not just popular; it is good economics, too. Experts at the LSE have published research showing that our soaring petrol prices are contributing to UK unemployment.

“Added to that, the high price is creating a poverty trap, as people can't afford the costs of getting to work. In fact, petrol is now so hugely expensive, that it is costing the Government money. This is because fewer people can afford to drive, leading to lower tax revenues.

“We urgently need a study of petrol taxes, by the Treasury, to see whether high fuel taxes are actually making it harder to close the deficit.

“Rip-off petrol prices are one of people’s top concerns, according to Populus. To his credit, George Osborne has taken major steps to help, including a 1p cut in fuel duty and abolishing Labour’s ‘tax escalator’.

“But we urgently need to do more. We need no new fuel taxes in this Parliament. The 4p duty rises that are planned for January and August 2012 must be scrapped, and the Government needs to pressure the oil companies to keep prices down.”