Police In Colchester Appeal To Cyclists

23 June 2014, 15:36 | Updated: 23 June 2014, 16:38

Police investigating the murder of a 31 year old student in Colchester are appealing for two cyclists seen in the area to come forward.

It's thought the man and woman on bikes might be witnesses to the attack or have some information that could help police find who murdered Nahid Almanea.

They were seen at 10.45am on Tuesday 17th June coming from the direction of the University towards Greenstead on the Salary Brook Trail. 

The man is described as being olive skinned with dark hair. He was in his early 20s and looked tall and slim. 

The woman is thought to be in her 20s with long dark hair. She was wearing what has been described as a flowing pattern tiered shirt.

Police are also still looking to identify two other men seen in the area at the time Nahid was killed.

One was wearing a tan coloured jacket with a belt, the other man was running in a red hooded top.

Police are expecting to stay at the murder scene carrying out forensic examinations until the end of the week.

One lake has already been drained to look for evidence and two others will also be drained over the next few days.