Pushy parents given the red card

Heart's been told lots of youngsters are dropping out of youth football leagues because of abusive parents on the sidelines.

The FA in Essex is running a couple of workshops to try and deal with the problem.

Referees are being taught how to stop the abuse and create a respectful and enjoyable environment for children to play in.

Chris Evans is from the Football Association and has been telling Heart: "The younger you are the more impressionable you are we're not immune here in Essex to the same sort of subject, but any sort of abuse that comes from the sidelines whether you're 7 or 47, it's never going to be completely stamped out 100% but it's got to be reduced.

"Adults are at every children's football match and the vast majority of them know how to behave. Maybe if someone just has a quiet word, without putting themselves in danger or inflaming the situation, that can sometimes help."

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