Schoolboy dies after 'Choking Game'

It's thought an Essex schoolboy died after taking part in a craze known as the 'Choking Game' where youngsters choke themselves to achieve a high.

They often film themselves or others taking part in the so-called game.

13 year old Harry Robinson was found hanging at his home in Chelmsford on the evening on January 7th 2010.

Despite attempts to resuscitate the teenager, Harry was later pronounced dead at Broomfield Hospital.

The inquest heard Harry had shown no sign of wanting to take his own life, and had been playing out in the snow the day he died as his school had closed that day because of the weather conditions.

His mum, Amanda Keable was too upset to speak at the inquest on Wednesday but the family do want to raise awareness of the risks children are taking by getting involved in the 'Choking Game'.

Susan Moss, assistant head at Notley High where Harry went to school has been telling Heart parents should be on the look out for signs their child(ren) could be taking part: "marks or signs on the neck. check your child's phone to see what they've been filming and taking pictures of. Also the internet, what websites have they been going on".

Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said it's likely Harry was "experimenting with the choking game, which went wrong. There is a concern nationally about this extremely dangerous practice.

"I can see Harry was a much-loved and lively little boy."

The inquest recorded his death as accidental.