Tendring: Bids For First Women's Tour Of Britian

The first ever Women's Tour of Britain could be coming to Tendring.

Tendring District Council is in the final stages of talks with the organisers to bring the event to Essex.

At the moment there are no cycling events exclusively for women athletes in the UK.

The Women's Tour will have international status and would attract cycling talent from around the world.

It would take place in May 2014, to link in with the Tour De Tendring and is expected to create a massive boost for local tourism.

The council is keen for the public to be involved and hopes there will be a series of other events locally to coincide with the Tour.

Tendring District Council's cabinet member for tourism, Alan Goggin told Heart they will be trying to use as many of the towns and centres in Tendring as possible.

He adds it will be "superb" for raising the profile of the area.