Thurrock: Footballer 'Glad To Be Twitter Shamed'

An East Thurrock United footballer says he's glad his fiancee named and shamed him on Twitter, after he used more than £12,000 pounds of her money to fund his gambling habit.

Lacey Maclean made headlines earlier this month after she tweeted that East Thurrock United player Kris Newby was a "liar'' and a "thief''.

Appearing on ITV1's Daybreak, Mr Newby said he deserved her strong reaction.

"I completely understand Lacey venting her frustration,'' he said. "I've now got a source of getting help and it's out there and people can understand that I want to put things right.

"All the people I've hurt, I want to give back what I've taken and put things right.'' Mr Newby, from Stanford-le-Hope, said he wants to get back with Ms Maclean and is in the "early stages'' of paying her back.

Describing how his problem developed, he said: "Just about six months ago my work started to deteriorate, and in my head, I've gambled in the past and that seemed to be the solution.

"With any money I had, I thought if I was to gamble I could right the wrongs of not working and be able to provide the money that was deteriorating.''

Mr Newby said he would urge others with a gambling habit to admit their problem. 

"Tell the people around you, tell the people that love you, just come out and ask for the help,'' he said.

"They'll be grateful that you've come out and asked for the help, don't try and hide it away.''

Adrian Scarf, of support charity Gamcare, told the programme that gambling was a common problem among sportsmen and women as unlike other addictions such as drinking or drug taking, it does not affect them physically.