Tilbury: 12 People Homeless After Homes Flooded

30 April 2012, 11:09 | Updated: 30 April 2012, 11:14

12 people in Tillbury have been told they cannot go back to their homes in Quebec Road after they became flooded.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service says that the worst affected houses had around six inches of water in them.

It comes as firefighters say they called out to more than 30 incidents caused by flooding or the weather yesterday (Sunday, April 29th). Several people had to be rescued from their cars after they drove them into standing water. 

Part of the A12 at Chelmsford was also closed after two crashes because of the weather. The first incident happened shortly before 4am and the road had to be closed so the barriers could be repaired.

Then, shortly after 8am, a car hit the central reservation and the Southbound carriageway was fully closed so gravel could be swept over both lanes for about 100 metres.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is urging drivers to exercise caution before they drive their cars into flood water. 

A spokesman said:"It is mind boggling just how many people will drive their car into standing water with no idea of how deep it is.

"As we have seen today these people get their cars, and often their families, trapped as a result of their actions.

"When faced with water drivers should exercise a little common sense. If they can they should find an alternative route. If there is no way round they should park safely and get out to check the depth of the water before they drive into it.

"Just driving into water and hoping for the best is not an option, by the time you find out the water is too deep you are already trapped."

Two flood warnings were still in place this morning, covering Chelmsford, Writtle and Ingatestone.