Toddler's Funeral Takes Place Later

The parents of Lili Backhouse have told Heart mourners will wear wellies at the funeral today in honour of the toddler who loved the children's cartoon Pepper Pig.

One year old Lili died earlier this month at Queen's Hospital in Romford after being sent home just hours beforehand.

Her parents from Rainham claim doctors failed to spot she had meningitis before it was too late.

Lili's twin brother Lukas also feel ill with the brain bug shortly after her death on January 9th 2010, but was treated quickly and survived.

Interim chief at the hospital Deborah Wheeler said: "Our thoughts are with the Backhouse family at this extremely difficult time. Meningitis is notoriously difficult to diagnose and our doctors did the very best they could for Lili."

Mum, Julie Backhouse wants to raise awareness of the disease by helping to raise money for charity Meningitis UK, as well as Little Havens Hospice in Essex, where staff have helped the family over the past few weeks.