Tribute Paid To Southend Murder Victim

14 July 2014, 07:22 | Updated: 14 July 2014, 07:33

The family of a man murdered in Southend last week have paid tribute to him.

The family of Hassan Mohammed, who was murdered in Southend last week, have said that no words can describe what they have been going through since his death.

In a tribute released, his family said: "Hassan was a very friendly, caring person. He grew from a boy into a man and was a protector and best friend to his family. He was loved by all but especially by his two nieces who adored their Uncle Hass immensely.

"We pray that justice is served and that he soon will be able to rest in peace."

An 18 year old, from North London is due in court this morning, charged with Hassan's murder.