Turkish airline angers Essex family

The family of a severely disabled girl in Essex has been telling Heart they can't believe an airline charged them extra for medical supplies needed to care for her.

Georgia Craigie from Dagenham's condition means she has to be fed through a tube and needs things like special feeds and nappies whenever she travels anywhere.

The 11 year old's on holiday in Turkey with her grandparents - but only after they paid the extra £120 charge demanded by teh airline, Pegasus, when they arrived at Stansted airport last week, because the additional medical supplies meant their luggage was over the usual weight.

Georgia's mum, Sarah - who is back home in Dagenham - has told Heart she couldn't believe what happened because she reckons her dad was told by the airline at the time of booking, that there wouldn't be any additional costs for the extra weight.

So far the airline has been unable to provide Heart with a statement.