V Festival Travel Advice

18 August 2011, 11:59

With 180,000 music fans will be travelling to Hylands Park for this weekend's 16th V Festival in Chelmsford, you can expect the nearby roads to be pretty busy.

So, to help you avoid getting caught up in it if you don't have to, we've got all the info on the temporary road restrictions in place this weekend.

Margaretting Road (Writtle side of the A414 Greenbury Way) will be closed in both directions from 7am Saturday 20 August to 3pm Monday 22 August.

The A414 Margaretting Road Roundabout - vehicles won't be able to go around the roundabout on the eastern side from 9am Monday 22 August until around 3pm.

When leaving Writtle village it will only be possible to make a left turn towards Widford. Vehicles travelling from Harlow can't turn right into Margaretting Road.

On the A414 Greenbury Way it will not be possible to turn right into Hylands Park from 5pm on Thursday 18 August until 6am Tuesday 23 August.

On the A414 London Road (Three Mile Hill, Old A12) drivers won't be able to turn through the gaps in the central reservation along London Road from 5pm Thursday 18 August until 7pm Monday 22 August.

This will be closed to traffic travelling from the A12 to Chelmsford three times during the weekend - from 9pm on Saturday and Sundays until about 3am, and from 8.30am on Monday until 3pm Monday - that's if the volume of traffic still leaving the site needs it.

On the B1002 A12 Slip Roundabout (Webbs Farm Cottages) vehicles travelling north along the B1002 or travelling south on the A12 and exiting on the slip road will not be able to travel underneath the A12 and gain access to the northbound A12 four times during the weekend.

These times are from 9.30am on Friday 19 August until 8pm, if the volume of traffic requires it, 9pm on Saturday and Sundays until about 3am, and 9am Monday 22 August until 3pm.

Writtle Road, Margaretting (from the A12 towards Writtle) will be closed to traffic travelling North from the A12 exit slip (Furze Hill) towards Writtle. This restriction will be in place on Saturday and Sunday between 9pm and 3am.