Kids Inspire

Kids Inspire

Projects Global's Make Some Noise supports in Essex deliver life changing work and help to give children a brighter future. Projects like Kids Inspire.

Kids Inspire is a charity based in Chelmsford which helps children with a pre-diagnosable or diagnosed special emotional need, such as Autism, ADHD or depression, and aims to prevent adult mental illness.

The money raised by Make Some Noise will develop the charity’s Family Team which reaches out to the hardest to reach children who are often at risk of permanent exclusion. All children supported have experienced trauma, disruption and chaos in their lives and their response has been to ‘act out’ aggressively and chaotically in school.  Families are taught to self-regulate and understand overwhelming feelings.  Through relational social work interventions and a systemic approach that involves children and their families the communication behind the challenging behaviours may be understood, empathised with, and changed.

Sarah’s Story

Six-year-old Sarah (not pictured) is at risk of permanent exclusion; she has witnessed domestic violence and her mother has mental health problems. She also has no contact with her father and other family members. At school Sarah has had tendencies to turn classrooms upside down, is violent to adults and children, and is unaware of boundaries. Kids Inspire has been working closely with Sarah’s primary school to offer strategies to help control her condition, and Sarah is now due to join one of the therapeutic education units so she can receive more intensive educational and therapeutic support. The Family Team has maintained contact with Sarah and her mother throughout the summer; a time when all other support is not available.