The £1000 Minute

The £1000 Minute on Heart Breakfast is your chance to win a grand in 60 seconds - less time than it takes to boil a reasonably efficient kettle.

How can I win £1000 in just 60 seconds, then?

It's simple, really - all you have to do is answer all ten of our general knowledge and showbiz related questions correctly. For every question you get correct, you'll win £10. But get all ten right in 60 seconds and you'll win £1,000!

When can I play?

We play the £1,000 Minute every weekday on Heart Breakfast at 8.30am, so make sure you're ready to play.

Listen for the cue to call and then dial the studio on 01245 525252

Here are this morning's questions...

1 - Which American pop star was Russell Brand married to for 14 months? Katy Perry

2 - In what decade did the soap Coronation Street begin? 60s (1960)

3 - The fourth series of what popular period drama returns this weekend? Downton Abbey

4 - What colour is the cross on the flag of Finland? Blue

5 - Liam Hemsworth has ended his engagement with which pop star? Miley Cyrus

6 - Which animal represents the star sign Taurus? Bull

7 - Adam Richman is best known for what TV show? Man Vs Food

8 - Which famous building has the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The White House

9 - The video games 'GTA V' is released today, what does GTA stand for? Grand Theft Auto

10 - Is 'port' the left or right side of ship? Left