Adele Gives Birth

On Monday's Heart Breakfast is was reported that Adele had given birth to a baby boy. That means she will now not attend the James Bond Skyfall premiere on Tuesday night.

Su doesn't understand why she wouldn't or couldn't go to the Royal Albert Hall for the premier anymore though. "If all is fine with mother and child why would she not go?" to which Martin believes "She's just had a baby." Su just believes that having a child shouldn't stop you from going out not matter how soon after the baby was born.

So this morning we wanted to know what things you had done straight after having a baby. Here's what you said:

Kathy from Wickford - If she wants to go to the premiere then she should go. The baby isn't going to be scarred for life if mummy isn't there for one evening.

Caroline - Women are not supposed to work 2 weeks after giving birth.

Derren - This is an early opportunity to prove to all who know her that her family are the priority. 

Dave from Canvey - I don't know what the fuss is about - I went back to work the very next day after my daughter was born.

Haha Dave, very funny.

But Karen from Harlow gave us a call to tell us what she was doing the day after she gave birth:

Karen from Harlow

We'll just have to wait and see if she turns up to the premiere on Tuesday night.