(Don't) Be Spontaneous

On Tuesday's Heart Breakfast Martin found out that women don't actually like a surprise weekend away.

Although Martin is sure that most men would've experienced their partner saying 'I just want you to be more spontaneous' it turns out that is not what they want at all.

But why? This is just another reason to add to the list of why men don't understand women. But Sheri from Canvey gave us a call to tell us why men can't be spontaneous with a weekend away. 

Sheri from Canvey

And here is the full list of why women need notice before a weekend away:

1 - Plan outfits

2 - Sort out work handover

3 - Research restaurants and places to visit at the destination

4 - Clear the fridge of anything that will go off

5 - Shop for holiday outfits and accessories

6 - Clear social diary

7 - Get hair cut

8 - Get excited about the trip by catching up with friends

9 - Have beauty appointments

10 - Eat a lighter diet to feel better in bikini/swimwear

And to sum up the confusion that men have to put up with, here is a text from Cindy in Chelmsford:

"Hi guys, I like spontaneous but I don't like spontaneous surprises"

And there you have it. Good Luck guys.