He Says She Says 03/06/10

This week: Is it right to fly the flag?

He Says:

Although not a true patriot I must start this week’s column by saying I believe this to be a beautiful country and a wonderful place to live. But then there are many truly stunning locations around the world which I would be equally passionate about. I don’t feel the need to fly a tacky flag from my car to show how much I love this green and pleasant land.

When I see the St George’s flag flying on a car (normally old and spewing smoke) I can’t say that I think highly of the person driving the car. I’m no snob but no football fan either and as for declaring it patriotic then why are they only flying during the football?

Inevitably, we will see them littering the streets after the tournament – that’s not very patriotic is it?

I doubt we will see England win another World Cup in my lifetime; equally as unlikely is a footballer playing in the England squad flying the flag from his Bentley or Aston Martin because it would make there very expensive car look cheap.

That’s the problem it’s the perception and its not good when I see your flag I’ll just assume you are a bit of a lout – sorry!

It saddens me that I feel this way, since I have been asking for us to be more like the Americans for years who proudly fly their stars and stripes at every given opportunity.

Maybe if we were to show this level of patriotism at all times and not just during a few football games then maybe I would believe it’s genuine but I just think it’s another way to chav up our flag.

She Says:

Why do some people think being patriotic is chavvy? I love driving around Essex seeing lots of St George’s flags hanging from people’s houses and cars. It’s great to show your support for the England team in South Africa and people who don’t like it are just snobs.

Admittedly, I’m not a massive football fan during the season but I do like to keep track of how my Leicester boys are doing and when it comes to the World Cup I will be supporting the team and watching every game I can.

If people don’t like the flags they are seeing now for the Football world cup then they aren’t going to like it in 2012 when the Olympics are being held here. There will be flags everywhere then and I for one cannot wait!

There is nothing negative about being proud of living in England and being happy to show your patriotism. I think it’s great to see the whole country joining together to support the team representing our country.

I’m actually trying to plan a World Cup party for one of the games England are playing and I’m hoping people turn up with flags on their cars, flags being worn as capes and skirts, big novelty hats and even with their face painted! I love seeing girls having their nails painted with the St George’s cross. I don’t think you can ever be called too patriotic and if people think that’s down-market then I find it quite sad that we have people like that living in our country.

I’m English and proud - so come on England!

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