He Says She Says 07/10/10

This week: Is freezer food parcel cooking up a storm?

He Says:

This weekend my wife is heading away on a girly weekend with her friends leaving me at home to look after the kids. It’s a prospect that fills me with dread. I know it’s only three days that I have to keep them alive. Knowing my other half spends a considerable part of her day in the kitchen, I have realised that food must be quite important so I had made plans to take my offspring to McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My wife didn’t find this idea funny and has made plans to avoid this.

I will now find in the freezer (if I can find the freezer) pre-prepared meals that she has lovingly made prior to her departure that only require defrosting and heating in the, er, heaty thing and hey presto!

But wait - it’s not that easy. Like my kids, I will be looking for instant culinary gratification - and waiting for food to defrost is just not quick enough when you are really hungry. My wife reckons it’s all in the planning – you should anticipate when the kids will be hungry and plan accordingly. In all honesty, I fear that we’ll be grazing from the crisp cupboard all day.

My wife has taken a lot of effort to ensure that her conscience is clear and that she gave our kids a fighting chance of a healthy meal in her absence. I’m not sure I can be as diligent and will probably load them into the back of the car for some junk food and have told the wife as much but she loves us and feels that she has to fulfil her obligations as a mum and wife. 

A few days of ice cream for breakfast won’t do us too much harm. Now, I may sound pathetic and incapable of the discharging my duties of parent and guardian, but I bet you one Big Mac that despite all the effort my wife has put into those lovingly-labelled containers in the freezer the kids will love me more come Monday!

She Says:

There is absolutely no way that I will ever end up with a man who needs me to make up dinners for him if I’m out for the night or away for the weekend.

What kind of woman would spend time making up different foods the week before they go on a well-deserved weekend away with their friends so that it’s all there in the freezer for the man in their life to just take out and heat up? This is what was suggested to Martin by his wife and I’m sure she’s not alone.

I find it a bit pathetic to think that a man can’t make his own food for a couple of days and a bit needy of the woman too. She obviously has to feel as though she is always looking after her man even when she’s not with him.

Making his dinners before you go away doesn’t mean you care for your man more than someone who doesn’t make the dinners; it just means that you have turned him into a useless lump and that you are insecure about your relationship.

If I’m going out for the evening with my friends, or away for the weekend, I’ll be busy focusing on what I’m doing - not what the people at home are doing. It may sound a bit selfish but then why shouldn’t we ladies have some ‘me’ time once in a while. I do lots of things for the family the rest of the time, so it won’t kill them to make their own dinner when I’m not there.

Now, I wouldn’t go away and leave the fridge empty and cupboards bare, but even if I did my other half knows where the supermarkets are and understands how to buy food for a meal. If the worse came to the worse he has a number of takeaway menus to hand at the house.

I don’t need to feel needed by my man because I don’t think that any relationship should be about needing the other person - it should be about wanting to be with them because you love them - and not because they leave you a frozen lasagne in the freezer!

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