He Says She Says 20/05/10

This week: Are men becoming too in touch with their feminine side?

He Says:

I don’t like to betray the brotherhood - and I guess I should have seen this coming!

As men become more in touch with their feminine side, it was only a matter of time before men started bitching - a pastime that was previously the exclusive preserve of women. No longer is this the case; I’ve noticed the men are giving the girls a run for their money.

I witnessed with my own ears two men questioning the choice of shirt that a stranger was wearing – before going on to say that his shoes didn’t match his belt!

Please stop the world because I’m ready to get off. I’m no football fan and I understand that, in a bid to appear more macho, men will start talking footie with other blokes even if they are only repeating, parrot fashion, what they have heard a sports presenter say.

Talking footie is acceptable. But bitching is not. To hear a bunch of guys discussing - behind another’s back – ‘what him down the road has been getting up to with her down the road’ in a girly way like a couple of harridans over the garden fence is just embarrassing.

Women refuse to believe that men are as bitchy because it’s something that girls seem to take pride in. Ladies - the men have become garden fence gossips - and from what I’ve seen, it’s spreading like wildfire.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before men start organising coffee mornings to catch up on all the tittle-tattle.

Men of Essex – let’s talk car engines, wild nights out and - if we must - sport.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should stop moisturising. You should never neglect a good skin care regime.

She Says:

It’s not something to be proud of, but I definitely think that women are still a lot bitchier than men.

It’s not a nice trait but there is absolutely no way that men will ever come anywhere close to women when it comes to talking about other people, commenting on what someone is wearing or expressing their dislike for a new hair do. We women really can be that bitchy about the smallest thing.

The reason men will never catch us up on this (even though they might think they can because they hate to be second best) is simply because they don’t pay as much attention to things as we do.

They have very little interest in anything except themselves and when men do eventually have a conversation with each other; it’s usually about nothing more than the football, their car or the bird on page three. (Their words not mine!)

When women talk to each other we can easily cover off about forty different subjects in one get together. We flip effortlessly from one thing to another, sharing all kinds of personal information about ourselves and the people we know. Of course, we take it all in, retain it and then use it later on to gossip about you with other people. Men just aren’t smart enough to do this.

It’s not nice to be proud of the fact that women are bitchier than men; it’s not a crown that we should happy wearing – but have I told you about who the girl at number twenty’s started seeing…?

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