It's Just A Peck!

On Wednesday's Heart Breakfast Su revealed that she has something in common with Lewis Hamilton.

His girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger was snapped supposedly giving her friend Chris Brown a peck on the lips. But Su thinks that this is wrong and you should only kiss you partner on the lips. "It's a sign of affection and lips are only for the one you love, friends greet with a kiss on the cheek". But Martin thinks a peck is no more than that, 'a peck'! Here is what you thought:

Lesley from Rayleigh - Completely agree with Martin, on the lips is ok but just for a peck. I have a friend that I have known for 20years and we greet with a peck on the lips. But he is just a friend, that's it.

Jen from Wickford - It seems that married people thinks it is OK but unmarried don't. Unmarried = insecure?

Lou from Colchester - I agree with Su. It's not necessary to kiss on the lips. Lips are for your other half and children (until a certain age). If I saw someone greet my husband like that I would not be happy!

And John from Southend called to tell us what he thought:

John from Southend

It seems that Essex were split on this one!