Just like The Queen

On Thursday's Heart Breakfast, we want to know what prompted you to 'pop the question'? It's reported that since he won the US Open Andy Murray is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him! So, did something happen in your life that made you decide you were now going to ask your partner to marry you?

On Wednesday, we were talking pets. We all know how fond the Queen is of her pet Corgis (and we all loved them in the opening ceremony) but not everyone at Buckingham Palace likes them! We wanted to know if it was the same in your house? Do you have a pet that you love but there are others in the house that can't stand them? Here's what you said:

Maria in Chelmsford - I 'babysat' two guinea pigs for 10 days during the summer and my mum hated them, she even threatened to cook them on the BBQ if they irritated her, the poor guinea pigs, they're so innocent!

Lou from Canvey - We bought a little kitten for our child to play with. Well the kitten has turned out to be a nutcase, she hisses and scratches and my daughter says 'I hate that cat can we get a dog' lol!

Donna from Rayleigh - My hubby bought a parrot. It hated women! He went out one day and left the thing out! I had to put it away, I grabbed it to put it away and I thought the thing broke my thumb! If it was out of it's cage and I'd kiss my hubby it would attack me! It got to the point if the thing didn't go, I was going to go! Hence the little thing no longer lives here! Woohoo! 

And Delienn from Colchester called us about the situation in her house, but we sort of feel a bit sorry for her husband:

Delienn from Colchester

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