Martin and Su's Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are struggling to think of a gift for someone this Christmas, Martin, Su and Alex from Heart Breakfast might be able to help.

They have each come up with a list of ten things they think would be great to give to someone this Christmas.

Take a look at the lists below and let us know whose you think is best!

We hope they help!


Martin's List:

E-FLITE FORCE - Radio controlled helicopters. Play shooting down each others. Great Fun!

TYRE INFLATOR - Plugs into the car (the one at the petrol garage never works).

XBOX KINECT - You become the controller. Light years ahead of the Wii.

TELESCOPE - Looking up at the stars is great fun for the whole family.

1TB DESKTOP HARD DRIVE - That's 1,000Giga Bytes. If only for bragging rights; 'mine is bigger than yours'.

SHED - Preferably one big enough for the man in your life to have somewhere to hide from the mother-in-law.

DUAL FUEL LOG BURNER - Rip out the gas fire and let some real romance blossom in front of a real roaring fire.

STUNT KITE - We all love playing with kites and a great excuse to get out on a windy day.

BOOK LIGHT - Clips onto a book allowing you to read without your partner constantly asking you to turn off the bedside lamp.

THE iPAD - Imagine in year to come and not being able to say 'I had one of those'; Tragic. 

Su's List:

LEATHER GLOVES (A Variety of Colours) - You can never have too many.

WINE OPENER - The posh one that needs very little effort.

JEWELERY ROLL - Like a tool belt for Jewelery, great to take away with you.

HANGABLE WASH BAG - Very useful on holiday and when camping.

DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME - So people can actually see your photos

UNO - The best card game ever for all ages.

NECKLACE STAND - Stops them all getting tangled up.

ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH - Makes you brush your teeth for exactly 2 minutes.

BEAUTY TREATMENT - Don't Just buy a voucher, choose a treatment for them.

SLOW COOKER - Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction.


Alex's List:

SLANKET - A blanket with arms.


PASTA MEASURE - A device to measure the correct amount of Pasta for the number of people eating it.

iTUNES VOUCHER - Can be used to by music or apps on any apple device.

MICHAEL JACKSON'S NEW ALBUM 'MICHAEL' - A Must be heard and a keepsake.

WIRELESS MUSICAL PILLOW - Perfect if you like listening to music when in bed.

THE WAND TV REMOTE CONTROL - A wand that controls the TV, nothing else needs to be said.

BUZZ GAME - Great console quiz game for the family to play.

EGG PERFECT COLOUR CHANGING EGG TIME - For the perfect 'dippy egg'.

PERSONALIZED PICTURE PUZZLE - You or friends or family on a puzzle, what more could anyone want?