Martin and Su's Pumpkins

Everyone loves carving pumpkins ready for Halloween so this year Martin and Su decided to get some help from a World Record holder!

David Finkle holds the world record for the World's Fastest Pumpkin Carver and Most Pumpkins Carved in One Hour. He can carve a face into a pumpkin in just 20.1 seconds and he carved 102 pumpkins in just one hour. Who better to help with our very own Heart Pumpkins?
So David designed a stencil for us to attempt this Halloween. Take a look at this video to see how he did it:


Now it's your turn. Download and print off two copies (one to use and one for reference) of the stencil by clicking here and then follow the instructions. 
When you've finished take a picture and upload it to the Heart Essex Facebook Page for all to see.
Take a look at how Martin and Su's attempts went below.