Martin and Su Cringe

On Tuesday, after David Beckham took baby Harper to mums fashion show, we want to know - where have you seen babies in strange places?

And if you missed Monday's show, Martin told us how he chipped his tooth at the weekend whilst eating a bit of crackling (which no one can resist!). Aren't teeth just one of the most painful and annoying parts of you, when you hurt them? Martin is now dreading the dentist but we think you made him feel better with some of your tooth-related stories - which are much worse that his.

Lorraine in Billericay - When I was seven, I swung the golf club on the Crazy Golf, as dad told me to go for it as it was the last hole, with that I took a swing and hit mum in the mouth! Needless to she she has false teeth now!

Alex in Rochford - My friends were cleaning their car when one of them chucked the window scrimmer behind her and didn't realise there was someone standing there and knocked half their tooth off!

And this story that Carl from Canvey told us made Martin and Su cringe:

Carl from Canvey

Also this morning we had the very first play in Essex of the brand new Robbie Williams song 'Candy'! If you missed if, don't worry, because we're giving you the chance to win tickets see him performing it live this Sunday at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend! All you have to do is click here, answer the question, and you could be winning on Friday! Good Luck!