Old Fashioned Kids

On Wednesday's Heart Breakfast Su revealed that her daughter would like to go for afternoon tea for her eleventh birthday.

Martin thinks that Su has been watching too much Downton Abbey with her daughter and has turned her old fashioned. He said "kids should be excited about their party with lots of sweets, music and a late night. Maybe even put the invite on Facebook".

This is how Martin think it might sound when Su's daughter is inviting her friends to come:

Ye Old Party Invite

It just doesn't sound like a children's party does it?

Anyway we wanted to know what your children do that make them seem a little old fashioned...

Daisy - My son who is 12 every day after school has a mug of tea, he sits down and always says "arrr I needed that".

Claire - My 18 year old daughter wanted a teasmade for Christmas so we bought her that and one if those furry electric foot warmers where you put both feet in one big slipper. We all call her nan.

Wendy - My 7 year old like to snuggle of the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate!

Niki - My 16 year old who is, in all other respects, a typical teenager loves old wartime music!?

Amanda - My son Bradley, although its not unusual, likes to go to the movies and ever since he was little he's never said cinema always the movies!

If your children do something that might be seen as a little old fashioned, comment below.