Tess Daley recently revealed that she was so tired when rushing out of the door and picked up her dog and put it under her arm rather than her clutch bag!

So on Monday's Heart Breakfast, we wanted to know what you have done because of your tiredness? It turns out that lot's off odd things happen...

Heather from Chelmsford - I put coffee on my cereal instead of sugar. Luckily I realised before i ate it.

Lisa - I washed my hair with conditioner and conditioned it with shampoo.

James - My dad once came home from the Kursall in Southend with the bowling shoes still on.

Sue from Danbury - I put soap on my toothbrush! I NEVER done it again lol.

Dan from Hullbridge gave us a call to tell us what happened to him:

Dan from Hullbridge

Hmmm, that might be a senior moment rather than a tiredness one - haha!

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