Royal Baby Shower

On Tuesday's Heart Breakfast Martin and Su wondered if Kate would be having a baby shower?

It has become very popular now-a-days to have a baby shower a few months before the child is born but Su thinks Kate won't be having one. However, if Kate was to have one and you were invited, what gift would you take? Producer Alex says he'll take a 'Prince(ss) on Board' sticker for their car. Here's what you said:

Julie - A mini tiara.

Jean - A Blanket with the crest of Cambridge on.

Heather - Dummies! They are life savers lol.

Kathryn - A castle shaped money box.

Victoria - Errrmmm, let me know what she needs.

Haha, some great suggestions there. Well it's been a fantastic year and this news has topped it off but now 2013 is going to be just a good. But can you imagine what the Queen's Christmas speech will sound like next year...

Queen's Speech

Well, maybe. You never know.