Shameful Short Car Journeys

On Thursday's Heart Breakfast it was revealed that one in ten parents drive their children 500 yards to school each day!

So Martin and Su wanted you to confess to your 'shameful short car journeys'. To get us started Martin admitted to driving to his local shop which is about 250 yards away! And Wayne from Southend told us he drives roughly 150 yards to get his takeaway fish and chips because 'it'll get cold if he walks' - which is a good point I suppose! But Emma from Chelmsford witnessed possibly the most shameful short car journey ever:

Emma from Chelmsford


On Friday's Heart Breakfast Martin and Su will be back with the £1000 Minute, The Friday Song and we'll hear your Rejoicemail messages! Don't for get you can tell us what you are rejoicing about here and you could be on the radio soon!