The Heart Breakfast Soap Award

Ahead of The British Soap Awards this weekend, nominee and Eastenders star Maisie Smith is helping Martin and Su give out their own Soap Award.

12yr old Maisie plays Tiffany Butcher in Eastenders and in 2009 won the award for 'Best Young Actor'. This year she is nominated for 'Best Young Performance' at this years British Soap Awards so who better to help Martin and Su with the Heart Breakfast Soap Award!

Everyday this week Maisie will be washing her hands with a different brand of soap before coming to a final decision Friday and handing out the critically acclaimed* award for 'Best Soap'!

Maisie Smith

On Monday morning Maisie chose to wash her hands with our first nominee 'Pears'. Listen back to hear what she thought:


On Tuesday morning Maisie chose to wash her hands with our second nominee 'Imperial Leather'. Take a listen back to hear what she thought:

Imperial Leather

On Wednesday morning our Eastenders star Maisie chose to wash her hands with our third nominee 'Dove'. What did she think? Listen here:


On Thursday morning it was our final Soap Award Nominee that Maisie was washing her hands with. Find out what she thought here:


Friday morning was the Soap Award ceremony and Maisie Smith opened the envelope to reveal which soap was walking away with the 'Heart Breakfast Soap Award...


Thank you to Maisie Smith for joining us everyday this week and we wish her luck at the British Soap Awards this weekend. 

*not actually critically acclaimed.