Su's New Addition to the Family

On Monday's Heart Breakfast Su revealed that she has finally caved and is getting a dog.

For years she has said that she'll never get one but the years of constant mentioning from her daughter Lily have finally paid off. They've chosen the dog and are going to be picking it up on Thursday. You've got to admit it's cute:

Sus New Dog

It's a Lhasa Poo which is a cross between a lhasa Apso and a Poodle. So all thats left to do now is name him. We got loads of great suggestions this morning:







Great suggestions all of which are better than Su's suggestions of Worthington because he is the same colour as a worthers original. Su's daughter Lily will have the final say but please tell us what you think and we'll pass it on. Her favourite so far is Teddy. What do you think?