Text In The Blank

Every morning just before 6.30am, Martin and Su will read out a story but blank out a key word.

All you have to do is text in your amusing ideas for the blank. Text the word ESSEX and your suggestion to 82122.

The answer Martin and Su deem to be the best will win!

Here's today's BLANK...

You can do a lot with an iPhone these days and soon, thanks to two Australian entrepreneurs, you will be able to use it to BLANK!

Here are some of your ideas…

Shave - Siobhan

Make phone calls - Stu, Ramsden Heath

Control the Wife - Craig, Colchester

Walk the dog - Ruth, Canvey

Print money - Simon, Colchester

BBQ shrimp and pour a cold beer - Jumbo, Rayleigh

Throw some prawns on the barbie - Bev

Beam up Scottie - Carole, Shoebury

Open those tinnies easier - Alsion, Canvey

Go surfing on Bondie Beach - Simon

Play the didgeridoo with Rolf Harris - Mike, Basildon

Thanks for all your texts!  The correct answer to fill in the blank was 'open a bottle of beer'! Text in the blank is back tomorrow morning!