Thirty Minute Love Song

Heart Breakfast wanted to help one of their listeners give the most amazing Valentines gift.

So Andrew from Billericay was chosen to have a specially written 'Thirty Minute Love Song' for his wife Julie.

This meant that just after 7.30am we spoke to Andrew to find out a bit about his wife and then had just thirty minutes to write a beautiful love song.

Martin and Su needed some help though and called Basildon's answer to Michael Buble - and 2010 Eurovision finalist - Josh Dubovie! The song chosen to re-write was Michael Bublé's 'Everything'. Listen below to Martin and Su finding out about Andrew's wife Julie:

Andrew from Billericay

So with all this information they had just half an hour to write a love song especially for Julie. And here is what happened when we called and Josh serenaded her with a 'Thirty Minute Love Song':

Julie's Thirty Minute Love Song

And here are those special lyrics:

You're so beautiful; you're my gorgeous wife,
For six years now, I've loved my life.
When we met at work, such a happy day,
And I've got a few things to say.

You may think you're right, even when you're wrong,
But I won't pick out your faults in this romantic song.
Julie in New York, I'm on bended knee,
But you just thought I had an injury.

Since you've been my wife, we've had some trouble and strife,
I do, I do, you said to me,
Three years today,
I won't forget,
Our anniversary

Like Ali G, you're me Julie
'Cause you're my Valentine.