Trademark Attraction

On Thursday's Heart Breakfast we wanted to know where you had been but what you didn't see.

Su mentioned (as she always does) that she has cycled from London to Paris before. But she hasn't been up the Eiffel Tower. In fact she has been there twice and not been to the top. Surely if you go to Paris you've got to go up the Eiffel Tower. However, many of you told us where you have been and what you haven't done:

Sheri - Went to Venice and didn't go on a Gondola.

Libby - Went to Rome and didn't go and see the Sistine Chapel

Irene - I didn't go to Anne Franks House when I was in Amsterdam

Traci - I've been to Florida and not been to Disneyland

Lisa - Maldives but never did the scuba diving

And Julie from Braintree called to tell us what she hasn't done:

Julie from Braintree

I can't believe some of them. Surely you must do the trademark attraction.