Why Was Justin Bieber Late?

On Monday night Justin Bieber turned up on stage was almost two hours late for his concert at London's O2.

The o2 released an apology but did not give a reason as to why. Justin had also not given a reason as to why he was so late to appear on stage causing children to his show because it was a school night. He didn't appear until just before 10.30pm.

Martin and Su decided that you should tell us why he was late. Here are some of the excuses you came up with:

Elaine, Maldon - Perhaps he had been put on the naughty step.

Richard, Wickford - I think his mum wouldn't let him get down from the table until he finished his dinner.

Dave, Southend - He obviously had too much homework to do.

Seb, Hockley - Justin's trousers are so low, he probably tripped up on his way to the stage and needed to get a plaster before he went on!

Sue, Basildon - He probably just wanted the publicity (which he clearly got).

Si, Chelmsford - Bad hair day. That's why he was late.

Some interesting excuses there and it'll be interesting to see why he really was that late. If you think you know why comment below.

Justin Bieber has apologised to his 'Beliebers' - and their angry parents -blaming 'technical issues'. But, he added in a tweet - "there is no excuse for that". The singer also insists he was only 40 minutes late.